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The Pioneer Challenge Game

1 July 2020 - 30 Jun 2021


    The Pioneer Challenge is run by the Rotary Club of Matilda Bay.

    The Challenge raises money to expand the Memorial Rose Garden at the King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) and to build a meeting place for bereaved families and upgrade the facilities. The ashes of more than 38,000 still-born babies are in the Garden.

The Challenge

    The challenge will start in July 2020. It is an annual event in which you can participate at a time of your own choosing.

    Your objective is to enter the challenge to find and photograph nine heritage graves, answer a quiz and submit a short account of what you have learnt about the deceased. Your participation will also assist the country towns you visit on the way.

    You can enter a challenge as an individual, a family or in a team and you can choose a portion of Route 120, or all of it from York to Albany.

    Entries will win prizes during the year and a grand prize at the end of the challenge.
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