Pioneer Heritage Challenge

Pioneer Heritage

This is a team challlenge for 1 – 5 adults and/or children. First register your team name and set your password. You will need both of these later to log on to the participants’ area, to name/change the members of your team and to complete a challenge.

Five steps to Play

  1. Register your name, email, team name and password.
  2. Select the segment of Route 120 you will be travelling. Set the start and end towns, (to include a minimum of 3 towns) .
  3. Pay your entry fee, and a voluntary additional donation if you wish.
  4. Find and photograph your randomly allocated towns and pioneer headstones.
  5. Chase answers to clues in the town quizzes.

Advertise your team on your Social Media and encourage your friends and followers to form a team too.

Click here to Register

Once you have registered a team, you choose the scope of your Challenge – over the whole Route 120 from York to Albany or over a portion suitable for one trip or for several weekends or day trips.

Select a start town and an end town. Your trip must be spread over at least three towns.

Note: The actual towns and Pioneers are allocated to your team randomly between and including your selected start and finish towns so your team may not be allocated towns you may wish or expect to visit. This adds to the fun and surprises and may take you to beautiful historic towns you never thought of visiting before.

However, if you want to visit one particular town on your Challenge, ensure your start and finish towns have a spread of only three towns including the town you want. This tip is also useful if you have two teams wanting to be allocated the same towns.

You will be given three pioneer names in each of your allocated three towns. Photograph the headstones, write what you know about the Pioneer, and upload these to the Pioneer Challenge website.

Photograph something in the town, complete the quiz and write what you like about the town. Upload these too.

The entry fee and donations will be used by the Rotary Club of Matilda Bay to give to charity.

Take your time. Enjoy the towns.

Once you have registered a team and paid your entry fee, you will be able to view the names of the Pioneers whose headstones you must find. You will also be able to view an aerial photo or cemetery plan and some instructions. The competition requires you to photograph the headstone making sure that the name of the Pioneer is clearly visible.

To complete the requirements of the competition you must write a short note about each person. Upload your pictures and stories to the Pioneer Challenge website as you go from town to town or when you get home.

Note: Some cemeteries are outside mobile range for Optus and some other providers. We recommend printing a copy of your aerial maps of cemeteries and headstone locations and quiz questions before leaving home.

All text must show respect to the Pioneer. If the text is disrepectful, the entry will be disqualified.

Uploading of images of towns and pioneer headstones along the Great Southern Highway is easy – when you know how. So here is a modest guide to how to select from stored photographs and how to upload photographs directly from you mobile or i-pad camera to the Pioneer Challenge web site.

Telcos other than Telstra may not have mobile connection in smaller towns (eg Popanyinning) so we advise carrying a print-out of the aerial photographs of the grave positions and the quiz questions. Upload your photographs and answers to the quiz in the next town.

Start with the Cemetery Visit page on the Pioneer Challenge web site and click on ‘Browse’ or ‘Choose File’.

Then, on your mobile or i-pad select ‘Camera’ to upload a picture directly from your camera, or ‘My Files’ to upload a picture that is stored on your device. Take your photograph or select your stored photograph. On a PC, select the photograph to upload from your hard drive. Click on ‘OK’.

The name or number of your picture will appear in the ‘Browse’ or ‘Choose file’ panel in the Pioneer Challenge web site. Click on ‘Upload image’.

If your picture is too large (limit is 5MB), take the picture normally, display it in ‘Gallery’, crop the picture and save it. Then go back to the Pioneer Challenge web site and upload the picture stored on your device.

The picture will appear on the Cemetery Visit page. There is a button below the photograph to click if you want to change the photograph.

Some teams may like to record photographs and responses on site and then add them to the website from the comfort of a coffee shop, hotel or at home.

It is preferable to take photographs in landscape mode.