Pioneer Heritage Challenge

Pioneer Heritage
YorkVisitor Centre - Attractions
Play at one of York's famous annual festivals
(Event Calendar) or enjoy York's adventure
activities such as skydiving, hot air ballooning,
mountain biking, geocaching or simply appreciate
the towns historic charm with a leisurely stroll
along the terrace
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BeverleyA Town Full of Surprises
Gemma Nisbet, travel photojournalist, West Travel
Club and The West Australian - Beautiful pictures
and delightful descriptions of Beverley, its
surroundings and its history
  Natural Attractions
Beverley Tourist Office - Avon River, Nature
Reserves, County Peak, Yenyenning Lakes
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BrooktonShire of Brookton
Shire of Brookton - Things to see and do - Pioneer
Park, Brookton Museum, Boyagin Rock
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PingellyBoyagin Rock Storybook pdf
This storybook offers a glimpse of the rich
knowledge (katadjin) surrounding Boyagin Rock.
This knowledge is passed on to new generations of
Noongars both in rural and metro areas, whose
family (moort) connections to Boyagin are strong.
By Christie Kingsto
  Pingelly Shire - See and Do
Hotham Way Drive Trail, Pioneer Park, Memorial
Park/Courthouse Museum, The Cross, Dryandra
Woodland, Moorumbine, Boyagin Rock Nature
Reserve Tutanning & And Fauna Reserve
  Barna Mia Nocturnal Sanctuary
Nestled in the heart of Dryandra Woodland, Barna
Mia is a place to discover threatened native
marsupials in a natural setting. Once the sun has
set the action begins
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  Dryandra Woodland
Dryandra Woodland is home to over 100 bird species
and 24 mammals, offering visitors an excellent
opportunity to observe some of the State’s
threatened and unique mammals.
  Pioneer Park
Pioneer Park runs adjacent to the railway line
with barbecue and picnic facilities. Many of the
old buildings in Pingelly are made from mud bricks
which were taken from this location.
  Pingelly Weebly
Visit The Shire of Pingelly web site, and
information about Boyagin Rock, Hotham River
Reserve, Pioneer Park, Tutanning Nature Reserve
  Pumphrey's Bridge Storybook
Noongars camped all around the bush here. Used to
be our home. My old Uncle Fred Little and Aunty
Frances used to have a tent right here. Outside
the tent under a shelter, they had a kitchen where
they cooked their meals. This is how we used to
PopanyinningYornaning Dam
Between Popanyinning and Cuballing. The Aboriginal
meaning is ‘land of many waters’. It
was one of the important water stops for steam
engines along the Great Southern Railway.
CuballingGull Cuballing Cuby Roadhouse
121 Ridley Street Cuballing open 6am- 6pm Monday
to Saturday. The Cuballing post office is also
run from the roadhouse.
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NarroginRailway Dam
Built to provide water for the Souther Railway
steam engines the dam is now a pleasant place to
walk among gum tree and look for wildflowers.
  Foxes Lair National Park
Bushland reserve with walking tracks picnic areas
and an array of winter wildflowers,birds and
  Dryandra Woodland Park
Is a native conservation area with the largest
remnant of original vegetation and many species of
mammals birds and reptiles including the
  Narrogin Motel Attraction List
Old Court House, Butter Factory, Railway Dam, Art
Gallery, Restoration Group, Memorial Park. Have a
look at the old Railway Station before
restoration, and many lovely old buildings
WaginAustralia's Golden Outback
Wagin Historical Village, The Great Ram Park,
Stargazing. The Information Centre at the village
is the gateway to possibly the best reconstruction
of a Farming Community in the State.
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WoodanillingGreat Southern Treasures
An excellent coverage of Woodanilling. The
excellent walk round this pretty village with
displays of interesting facts, history and old
photographs is highly recommended.
  Shire of Woodanilling
Woodanilling has been recognised as a popular area
for bird watching and possess many locations
bursting with native and rare wildflowers and
flora. Querup Lake, Martup Pool, King Rock
KatanningKatanning Anglican Church
21 Aberdeen Street Katanning
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  Katanning Baptist Church
Brownie Street Katanning
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  Katanning Mosque
Lot 18 Warren Rd Katanning. Katanning is the most
ethnically diverse regional centre in WA.
Featuring 50 language groups, ours is a harmonious
community, embracing the different cultural and
religious backgrounds of our townsfolk
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A conference centre ideal for camps, groups,
retreats with a small chapel for contemplation
Originally a private home built in 1902 considered
extravagant at the time later became a girls
boarding school. The school closed in 1986 .
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  Katanning Country Club
One of the oldest golf courses in WA it has 18
holes with white sand greens. It also offers
activities including tennis and squash
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  Great Southern Treasures
Katanning is thought to come from an Aboriginal
word ‘Kartannin’ meaning ‘big
meeting place’. Today it is home to over 40
different nationalities with migrants. This
website is a 'must look'.
  St Patricks Catholic Church
Amherst Street Katanning. Parish and school
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BroomehillGreat Southern Treasures
Holland Track, wildflowers, Sheriden's Memorial
Garden, Broomhill Museum, St Elizabeth's Church,
Boot Rock, Broomhill Post Office, Henry Jones
TambellupGreat Southern Treasures
Excellent coverage of Tambellup - Heritage Trail,
Corner Shop Museum, Diprose Park, Community
Resource Centre, Railway water tank, St Peter's
Church, Gordon River Picnic Area
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CranbrookSt Oswald's Church
The building was constructed in the years
1917-1918. The first service was held on
10/3/1918, conducted by the Rev H G Barnacle.
  Great Southern Treasures
Sukey Lookout, Bob's Lake Bird Hide, Cranbrook
Museum, Trevelen Farm Wines, Stirling Range
National Park, Wildflower Walk
TenterdenMingor Photographs
Tenterden is a small town about 10 kms south of
Cranbrook, some 1 km to the east of the Great
Southern Highway and is situated on the Albany
railway. Photographs by
Several chessmen are carved from the stumps of old
trees next to a historical bulldozer.
Mount BarkerMt Barker Visitor Centre
Unspoilt national park mountain ranges, a
spectacular annual unique wildflower display and
an area steeped in rich heritage and history and
much more
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  Great Southern Treasures
Mt Barker Railway Station, old Police Station
Museum, St Werburghs Chapel, Mount Barker Hill
Lookout, The Claude Hotchking Art Gallery, Mount
Barker Turf Club
  Mingor Photographs
A comprehensive gallery of photographs of things
to see in Mount Barker.
AlbanyGuide to Albany
The breathtaking beauty of Albany’s rugged
coastline creates a fitting backdrop to dramatic
whaling, convict and settler history and a
sensational south coast adventure. Albany is where
the first European settlers set foot in Western