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Cranbrook Hotel
Review - Family-friendly Helpful concierge Great hotel bar. Awesome little gem after a big day of travelling. Definitely returning if we’re ever in that part of the country again!
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Shire of Cranbrook - Listing
Cranbrook Caravan Park, Cranbrook Hotel, Nanna Vicks, Traveller's Rest BnB, RV Friendly Town


Great Southern Treasures
Cranbrook Hotel, Cranbrook Sporting Club, Cranbrook Supermarket, Nanna Vicks


Wikipedia - Cranbrook
The name is taken from the town of Cranbrook in Kent, England, about 65 kilometres SE of London. It is believed to have been named by Mr J A Wright, who was manager of the Western Australian Land Company which built the railway.

Lorraine's Burial Records
A complete list of the burials in the Cranbrook Cemetery


Cranbrook Museum
Located in Gathorne Street it is open by appointment only on 0407 261 123. This was the first brick house to be built in Cranbrook. It is the oldest house in the town, and was built soon after the completion of the Great Southern Railway in 1889
Phone     0407 261 123    


St Oswald's Church
The building was constructed in the years 1917-1918. The first service was held on 10/3/1918, conducted by the Rev H G Barnacle.

Great Southern Treasures
Sukey Lookout, Bob's Lake Bird Hide, Cranbrook Museum, Trevelen Farm Wines, Stirling Range National Park, Wildflower Walk

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