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This is a team challlenge for 1 - 5 adults and/or children. First register your team name and set your password. You will need both of these later to log on to the participants' area, to name/change the members of your team and to complete a challenge.

Five steps to Play
  1. Register your name, email, team name and password.
  2. Select the segment of Route 120 you will be travelling. Set the start and end towns, (to include a minimum of 3 towns) .
  3. Pay your entry fee, and a voluntary additional donation if you wish.
  4. Find and photograph your randomly allocated towns and pioneer headstones.
  5. Chase answers to clues in the town quizzes.

Advertise your team on your Social Media and encourage your friends and followers to form a team too.
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Pioneer Challenge
Route 120

FAQPioneer Way

406.9 km, 4hrs 19 mins