Uploading Pioneer Challenge Photographs

Uploading of images of towns and pioneer headstones along the Great Southern Highway is easy - when you know how. So here is a modest guide to how to select from stored photographs and how to upload photographs directly from you mobile or i-pad camera to the Pioneer Challenge web site.

Telcos other than Telstra may not have mobile connection in smaller towns (eg Popanyinning) so we advise carrying a print-out of the aerial photographs of the grave positions and the quiz questions. Upload your photographs and answers to the quiz in the next town.

Start with the Cemetery Visit page on the Pioneer Challenge web site and click on 'Browse' or 'Choose File'.

Then, on your mobile or i-pad select 'Camera' to upload a picture directly from your camera, or 'My Files' to upload a picture that is stored on your device. Take your photograph or select your stored photograph. On a PC, select the photograph to upload from your hard drive. Click on 'OK'.

The name or number of your picture will appear in the 'Browse' or 'Choose file' panel in the Pioneer Challenge web site. Click on 'Upload image'.

If your picture is too large (limit is 5MB), take the picture normally, display it in 'Gallery', crop the picture and save it. Then go back to the Pioneer Challenge web site and upload the picture stored on your device.

The picture will appear on the Cemetery Visit page. There is a button below the photograph to click if you want to change the photograph.

Some teams may like to record photographs and responses on site and then add them to the website from the comfort of a coffee shop, hotel or at home.
It is preferable to take photographs in landscape mode.