Please email your Challenge experiences to us at Pioneer Challenge Including pictures or any special research on your pioneers (max 300 words).

sunshine harvesters

Sunshine Harvesters Team

Thank you for your wonderful Pioneer Challenge. It was a great opportunity to visit some WA county towns we would never have gone to without your Pioneer Challenge. We got to see and learn about some pioneers as well as walk around the towns, visits the local shops and have lunch at the Cuballing Tavern. We came up with the name of our team – Sunshine Harvesters – because we were travelling in the wheat belt and some of our team had grown up with Sunshine harvesters being used. We were lucky enough to actually find a old Sunshine harvester on Ian’s family farm to take this photo.

Tour De Route 120 Team from Margaret River

Taking on the Pioneer Challenge added more interest to what had been an often travelled road. It opened our eyes to some of the history of the regions and the towns we travelled through. It also made us stop and take our time to explore not just each of our nominated towns, but also the other small towns we passed through. It also meant we spent money in local shops and cafes. All this done at a fantastic time of year when the canola crops were in full bloom and there were miles and miles of golden fields. We have recommended the Challenge to friends and family.

The Tour De Route 120 Team won the Pioneer Challenge September prize.


Bob and Robyn Team

It took us around an hour to find all the graves and answer the questions about the deceased pioneers and about the towns themselves. We found the people in the towns very friendly in particular the owner of the cafe in the old railway carriage on the river in York. The weather was perfect, the coffees were nice and the challenge was wonderful. We hope to do another run further south in the spring. We hope this challenge continues and wish you all the very best with the rose garden at King Edward Hospital.

Convict Bred Team

The Pioneer Challenge was a different way to explore the small country towns towns along Route 120 instead of driving straight through. If you enjoy local history the challenge selects three pioneers in three towns along the route and you can research these local early identities. Trove is great for this or chat to the locals. With covid-19 having such an impact on so many businesses it was great to know that by doing the challenge you are not only helping these towns through staying in accomodation, eating at local cafe’s/pubs/wineries but also your entry money helps the Matilda Bay Rotary Club’s project of expanding the King Edward Memorial Hospitals Rose Garden for still-born babies. Looking forward to completing more of the route over the next year.

Pingelly News

bonne journee

Bonne Journee Team

Attached is a photo of us taken just out of York on our way to Beverley and Brookton in search of our pioneers. [We also took a] photo of the first grave we found in York, that was very exciting as it’s such a grand tombstone and such a sad story about the pioneer, Mrs Agnes Cooke who died at only 23 yrs. After completing the challenge, I was really happy to obtain a copy of our input, as it gives a lovely snapshot of our efforts and the information we found. Plus that was an unexpected bonus as I had taken screen shots of our responses to keep a copy but won’t need to do that again. Bonne Journee Team.


Pioneer Challenge Trip to Albany

15 of us made the trip to Albany over this past weekend. A great adventure. Aside from participation in the challenge, we enjoyed a meal together at Due South restaurant in the Albany Entertainment Centre complex. The Limeburner’s Distillery tour and tasting on Sunday morning was excellent. Team Tan.