Pingelly Museum and Historical Group Mourambine and Pingelly


William Atkins

Convict No 7919. Born Devonshire, England C 1840. Married Eleanor Jane Taylor 17th March 1875. William Atkins farmed at Kalyalling.

Mary Ann Atkins (Nee Goodenough)

Born c 1853 died 18th April 1935 at Mourambine grave No 113 is the wife of William Atkins (alias Hawkins ) the builder of St Patrick’s Church and Atkins house ( Mourambine) Mary was a very respected member of the community and mother of 9 children. William and Mary were the first couple to marry at St Patrick\’s in 1873. Mary Ann and her youngest daughter are buried in St Patrick’s graveyard.

William Atkins (Hawkins)

Convict number 7916, built St Patrick’s church, Atkins Cottage (Mourambine), also known as Mourambine Cottage, and several other buildings in the area. He was born in Bures Hamlet, Essex, in 1835 and was baptized along with his brother Thomas Hawkins [which was their name before William assumed the name of Atkins] on 4 Jul 1841 in St Mary’s Church, Bures, Suffolk. He married Mary Ann Goodenough, daughter of James Goodenough 12 Aug 1873, the first marriage in St Patrick’s. William died in the Narrogin Hospital on 13 Sep 1926 and is buried in the cemetery there.

James Goodenough

Convict No 4871. Convicted and arrived aboard the ship “Raglan” 1st June 1858 with William Shaddick. Born 1820 Bulkworthy, Devon, England. His wife Mary Goodenough (nee Dell) James was a Road Board member and farmed at Mourambine. Aldersyde Road was previously named Goodenough Road. Died 1891 at Mourambine.

James Nicholson

Convict No 6395.Born 1842 Edinburgh, Scotland. Married Eliza Ann Hunt 1872 in Perth. He initially went to Williams and was enticed to Mourambine by William Shaddick to make bricks for buildings at Mourambine. He went on to be quite a large landowner at Mourambine and when Mourambine was going to no longer be the centre of the area as a result of the railway line going through Pingelly he moved his business to Pingelly and built a very successful general merchant business there. He died at York in 1903 a very wealthy man and is buried at Mourambine.

William Shaddick

Convict No 4832. Born C 1818 Devon, England. Died 15th Oct 1902. Convicted with James Goodenough for stealing food and arrived with James Goodenough on the ship “Raglan” 1st June 1858. William Shaddick was married in England went on to become a prominent member of the Mourambine Community. He was the driving force with Charles C. Smith behind the building of St Patrick’s Church, Mourambine. He was a very successful farmer at Mourambine, his descendants continuing his legacy in the area.

Charles Chapman Smith

Born 30th June 1834 at Beverley . Died 22nd June 1904 at Pingelly and buried at Mourambine. Married Ann Sewell 30th June 1863. He initially farmed at Beverley and later at Mourambine. William Shaddick shepherded for him before they both settled at Mourambine. Charles was a significant landowner and successful farmer. He was heavily involved in community affairs, a founding member the Mourambine Road Board and part of the driving force in the building of St Patrick’s Church.

Henry Thomas Walton

Convict No 5216 Arrived 21st Nov 1858 on the ship “Edwin Fox “Born C. 1832 Birmingham, England. Died 8th May 1864 at Beverley Buried at Mourambine. Married Mary Ann Parker 1849 at York. He initially had had a very large landholding. He had a large family and they continued with farming at Mourambine and surrounding districts.

William Martin

Born C 1841 Cornwall. Died 17TH Sept 1894 married 1868 Emma Rose in Victoria. He farmed about 11 kilometres east of Mourambine and with his son and developed land he called “Dunreath”. His son William James Martin was later to become very influential in Pingelly community development and was involved in the beginnings of what would become the farmers’ co-op and the grain handling industry in the area. He was also a founding member of the Mourambine Road Board.

James Fairhead

Convict No 1863 Arrived 30th April 1853 aboard “Pyrenees” Born C 1830 Norwich, England, Died 10th Oct 1915 and buried at Mourambine. Married Mary Welsh 1859 and raised a family of 12 Children. James was a successful farmer and his family in turn went on to farm in the district.

Alfred Snow

Born 25th Nov 1848 Essex, England. Died 22nd Nov 1919 Mourambine. Married Mary Ann Walton 2nd Dec 1869. Arrived aboard “Travancore” 13th January 1853 and initially lived at York. He first engaged in sandalwood cutting before acquiring his own land at Mourambine five years after his marriage. They raised 10 surviving children. Alfred took an active interest in the districts affairs and was amongst the founding members of the Pingelly Road Board.


Nabby (Peter) Abraham “Noongar Elder”

Born C 1879 at Frank Watts’s farm, married Laura Humes of Wandering, Died 3rd December 1968 at Pingelly. Nabby and Laura had 14 children. He worked as a shepherd and farm labourer all his life and was a highly respected member of both the Noongar and White communities alike. He was often referred to as “King Nabby”.

He was the son of Jack Abraham and Sarah Corrup and father of Rachel, Samuel, Emmett, Lyla, Linda, Mervyn, Eunice, Robert, Francis, Laura and Letticia (twins) Cyril, Ronald, Matthew.

Nabby worked at Frank Watts farm West Popanyinning and camped around Pumphries Bridge bringing up his family. His son, Mathew, at about 7 or 8 years old, saw his father Nabby and his brothers Sam and Emmett do his last corrobree at Pumphries Bridge. Nabby had close on 200 grandchildren and triple that of great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. Many still retain their cultural heritage with language, bush hunting and gathering. The family had several Abraham reunions at Pumphries Bridge which were thoroughly enjoyed by family members. Pumphries Bridge is significantly important to their families due to the camping grounds, birthing area and graves in this area. The corrobree grounds are still bare of trees. Pumphries Bridge and Congelin in Dryandra were their main camping areas.

George Henry Holyoake

Born 20th May 1848 at Wallington, Northamptonshire, England and died 18th March 1918 at Pingelly. Married Mary Elizabeth Smith 27th March 1878 at Leeds, England. Arrived Fremantle about 1882 and settled in Pingelly. They had a further 7 children at Pingelly. He was amongst the very earliest settlers in Pingelly, developed a very successful carrier business and undertook carrying equipment and miners to the newly discovered the Yilgarn Goldfields by dray and horse teams His descendants went on to marry in the district and were also successful in business.

John Gilchrist

Born 1ST Sept 1869 at Carngham in Victoria, died 11th June 1937 at Pingelly. Married Rose Ann May Sinclair 1909 at Narrogin. John and Rose had 7 children. John came from Victoria to Williams where he set up business as a plumber and tin smith moving to Pingelly about 1909. He initially set up in business on the corner of Sharow and Parade Streets shortly after erecting new larger premises on the corner of Queen and Pasture Streets. He manufactured what we now know as the Kalgoorlie Safe. He was very much an inventor and the mobile Sheep feeder and 1080 rabbit poison cart were some of his. He also manufactured water tanks and troughs.

Joseph Clipston

Born c 1838 in London , England Died 6th July 1913 at Pingelly. Married Mary Purcell 25th August 1858 at Gawler, South Australia. Joseph and Mary had 2 children and Joseph was widowed 17th August 1887. Joseph remarried a widow Elizabeth Wall (nee Cooter) 21st February 1888. No children were born to this marriage.

George Malekoff Sewell

Was born 8th September 1855 at Beverley. Died 8th March 1916 at Pingelly. Married Alice Bernice Taylor 31st August 1881 at York. George took over his father’s farming properties and was an exceptionally successful farmer. He became one of the best known and most highly respected citizens of the district. He was a founding member of the Mourambine Road Board and held many other position in the district. He had built the Southern Cross Hotel, the 2 storey premises and store on the corner of Parade and Park Street and the Union Bank, He was undoubtedly one of the most successful and wealthiest early settlers in Pingelly.

Walter Clarence Hughes

Clarrie as he was known was born 24th May 1892 at Stirling North, South Australia. Died at Pingelly 21st April 1979, Married Florence May Webb 8th September 1914 at Swindon, Wiltshire, England. Clarrie and Florence had 3 children. He farmed at Marwonga, West Pingelly, was a keen member of the Methodist Church and a highly regarded member of the community.

Charles Collie Gordon

Born 20th Oct 1865 Aberdeenshire Scotland Died Pingelly 23rd April 1923 Married Mary Jane Ridley 1893 at Mourambine. Charles and Mary raised 8 children. He was a foreman on the railway construction crew when they first brought the railway line from Midland to Albany. About 1896 he left his foreman position and went farming until his death. His wife continued tending the farm with her boys for several years until they finally sold the farm and Mary retired into Pingelly townsite. An older family history has it that Charles stowed away in Scotland and jumped ship at Albany, Western Australia. He then worked on the railway line being constructed between Beverley and Albany by the West Australian Land Company. After he married, Charles took up virgin land about eight miles east of Pingelly which he cleared while living in a tent and continuing to work on the railway. The farm was named Crovie Farm after his parents’ farm in Scotland. The two eldest children in his family were born before permanent accommodation had been built on the farm. Later, Charles built a house in the town of Pingelly and George Ronald Gordon, his second son, ran the farm.

John McBurney

Born c 1857 in Scotland. Died 6th Jan 1931 at Pingelly. He married Margaret Forrest 11th July 1878 at Myponga, South Australia. He farmed very successfully at Aldinga, South Australia raising 9 children there before moving to Western Australia taking up land East of Pingelly and naming his Property and the area “Aldinga” He was fairly wealthy when he arrived. He went on to develop a new breed of wheat. Even his home on the farm was architect designed and was a beautiful brick home. He & his wife undertook schooling from his home for the Aldinga area before the school was built.

William James Martin

Born 1869 at Mount Egerton, Victoria. Died 28th September 1919 at Pingelly. Married Jessica Amelia Thomas 28th April 1901 at Shark Bay, Western Australia. William and Jessica had 7 children. William farmed with his father east of Mourambine and he was heavily involved in local affairs. He was a member of the Mourambine Road Board, a member of the Pingelly Progress Association, and a founding member of the Pingelly Cooperative. the deceased was engaged last week in erecting a building, and on Thursday last, while lifting a post, strained himself internally. He, however, considered his ailment only temporary, but on Sunday took a serious turn, and although medical aid was immediately summoned, he passed away just as Dr. Langley reached his residence; consequently the body was conveyed to Pingelly, when a post-mortem revealed the cause of death as due to a ruptured spleen, causing internal hemorrhage.

John Frederick Schilling

Johann Friederich Wilhelm Schilling was born 14th June 1857 at Lights Pass in South Australia. Died 20th August 1919 in Pingelly. He married Emilia Prescilla Steggall 26th July 1887 at Terowie, South Australia. He came to Pingelly in 1906 and took over his brother in laws (Robert McLeish) business on the corner of Parade and Park Streets. He ran it until his death in 1919.

James Bryant Tregurtha

Born c 1833 Mersey Islands, U.K. Died 16th Feb 1910 Pingelly Married Harriet Henrietta Neve 1860 in Victoria. James in Partnership with Benjamin Hughes commenced business in Pingelly in 1904 as blacksmiths and Wheelwrights at the corner of Parade and Pasture Streets Pingelly. In 1910 they sold this location to C.B.A. Bank and relocated the business to Sharrow St opposite the Baptist Church. The new premises were very much larger. The business grew rapidly with the production of quality horse-drawn vehicles and farm machinery being produced. These premises under new ownership were to burn to the ground.

Harold Sydney Hatcher

Harold was born c 1891 in Dorset, England and died in Pingelly 5th June 1942. He married Ruby Bowden in 1923 in Pingelly and they had 4 children. He was the local builder and built quite a few homes in Pingelly. He was also for many years the local funeral director.

George Edward Ayton

Born c 1864 in England to parents James and Susannah Ayton (nee Bundock) George never married Died 3rd June 1936.He erected new premises and commenced in business as a newsagent next door to where the present CBA bank building is. The business was later relocated to the Union Bank premises in Parade St and remained within family connections until the 1970s.

George William Eric Curtis

Born 4th May 1904 in Pingelly to Frederick William Curtis and Ethel Mary (nee Holyoake) married Mavis Gwendoline Sinclair 23rd Oct 1933 in Pingelly, Died 13th Sept 1984 Pingelly. George initially did an apprenticeship with Tregurtha and Hughes and later worked at Hunters Garage until he enlisted for WW2. After the war he took over the Hunters Garage location for a short time before relocating to the corner of Parade & Sharrow Streets. In the mid-1950s he gained the Holden dealership and continued until his retirement with his son Robert taking over the business.

George Wilson

Born 1865 at Liverpool, New South Wales the son of John and Julia Wilson. Died Pingelly 26th Jan 1930 Married Ethel Lucinda Symons 1910 in Albany. George arrived in Pingelly in 1907, built new premises alongside the Town Hall where he ran a very successful drapery store until his sudden death. His wife continued to run the business for some years before handing control to their son Ted. George was a J.P. , lay preacher in the Methodist Church and a highly respected member of the community.

Lars Emil Lange

Born 19th Sept 1849 at Tonsberg, Norway. Died 25th Oct 1941 Pingelly. Married Emily Sarah (nee Allen) at Broughton in South Australia. Lars and Emily had a family of 11 Children. Lars farmed initially in South Australia before bringing his family to Pingelly in 1906 and purchasing a quantity of land which he farmed until he retired.

Hubert Andrews

Worked as an accountant and dabbled in a few other things. He was also a car dealer and tractor dealer and married fairy late in life to his housekeeper. His wife, Monica, carried on the business.

Charles Aldridge

Born c 1882 at Brighton England married Elizabet Boxall 1902 in England. Died 1st June 1960. Charles and Elizabeth came with 4 children to Pingelly in 1913 where 3 more children were added to the family. Charles was a fine tradesman employed by Tregurtha & Hughes to paint the horse drawn vehicles they manufactured. When their business closed Charles continued to paint and sign-write having commenced in his own business which continued until his death. Charles and his wife were highly respected very involved in many areas of the community.