Route 120 The Pioneer Way


Town Question Answer 1 Answer 2 Answer 3 Abc Quiz
YorkWho laid the foundation stone of the York Town Hall in 1911Mr Sydney PikeMrs EH NevilleGeorge Wansbrough2Quiz
YorkName of the 1892 building opposite Nguyens Bakery CafeCollins BuildingOld Court HouseCentral Buildings3Quiz
YorkWho laid the Old Fire Station foundation stone in 1897W Dinsdale JPRichard GallopAmiable Duperouzel1Quiz
YorkObject the statue in the Settlers Inn Court holds on her shoulderWater FlaskOwlLamb1Quiz
YorkWho unveiled the Courthouse centennial stone in 1995Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLCMaj Gen Michael JeffriesThe Hon Richard Court AC2Quiz
YorkWho laid the foundation stone for the Courthouse 1895Sir John ForrestRevd Edward WilliamsEdward Doncon1Quiz
YorkWhat date is written above the Town Hall clock1910190919113Quiz
YorkIn what street are the York Shire OfficesFederal StLinto StJoaquina St3Quiz
YorkName of the buildings now occupied by the York NewsagencyRansom and SonsPatterson BuildingCollins Building3Quiz
YorkWhere is the Tourist Information CentreYork Town HallYork Motor MuseumOld Court House1Quiz
YorkWhat brand of petrol pump is outside the old York Motor MuseumShellAmpolLiberty1Quiz
BeverleyWhat birds are drawn on the bins outside the East End GalleryMagpie an CockatooOwl and EagleWren and Galah3Quiz
BeverleyOpening date of the fountain on the Shire Offices lawn25 Apr 200011 Nov 19203 Apr 19713Quiz
BeverleyHidden insect in James Giddy's Forrest-Vincent St muralHoney BeeButterflyDragonfly2Quiz
BeverleyWhat the lady holds in the Station Gallery Amphitheatre muralA CakeA LambA Dove1Quiz
BeverleyThe Registration No.on the tail of the Vampire aircraft on Hunt RdBEV-1940A52-40A79-6513Quiz
BeverleyThe Old Fire Station is the home of what community groupCWAThe Men's shedRotary Club2Quiz
BeverleyWhat is above the gate of the Station GallerySteam Train ModelClockWA Coat of Arms2Quiz
BeverleyHow many vanes are on the windmill outside the Shire OfficesEightSixteenTwelve2Quiz
BeverleyIn whose memory is the water fountain in the War MemorialAlice FergussonAlfred LanceHarry Brody3Quiz
BeverleyColour of railway carriage outside the Station GalleryGreenGreen and YellowBrown and Red2Quiz
BeverleyWhen was the Town Hall built1938188919221Quiz
BrooktonDate of consecration of St Mark's Anglican Church1895190219181Quiz
BrooktonWho helped open the first police station in Grosner St, 1913Mr Nat Harper MLAJohn ScaddenSir Newman Holt1Quiz
BrooktonSlogan on the Bedford Arms HotelYour Local PubHappy Hour 5-6pmGourmet Meals1Quiz
BrooktonFor what town did you have to change trains hereCorriginKukerinBruce Rock1Quiz
BrooktonWhen will the time capsule in the bandstand be opened2099205021981Quiz
BrooktonManager of the Brookton Club HotelAdam NgJames HallidayElizabeth Joy Ingram3Quiz
BrooktonNumber of chimneys on the Bedford Arms HotelTwoOneFive3Quiz
BrooktonColour of the sign in front of the Milly-Molly-Mandy child care centreGreenPinkBlue2Quiz
PingellyWhat is the flower on Steve Guest House letter boxCarnationKangaroo PawRed Rose3Quiz
PingellyIn the Old Court House mural, the bird next to the cricketerBlack KiteEmuBlue Wren2Quiz
PingellyName of the cafe on the main streetArola's Cafe and BakeryPingelly RoadhouseThe Apricot Tree1Quiz
PingellyThe seat in Memorial Park is in memory of whomGeorge HolyoakMrs Gail KempHarold Hatcher2Quiz
PingellyWho laid the plaque stone on Pingelly Town HallHugo Throsell VCHon FH Piesse MLAHon James Price MLA3Quiz
PingellyRegistered name of the Pingelly hair salonJust HairHead to Toe Hair StudioJulia's Hair Design2Quiz
PingellyPrize that the Quality Meats Butcher won in 2011Australian Best HamTastiest SausagesWA Best Ham3Quiz
PingellyWhen was the Pingelly Hotel established1899188919012Quiz
PingellyWhat is the date of the Exchange Hotel1947191919063Quiz
PingellyDate of the mosaic outside the Pingelly Museum1996200320002Quiz
PingellyIn Which Street is the old Roads Board OfficePark StPasture StSharrow St1Quiz
PingellyDate of the Pingelly Hotel1895188118893Quiz
PopanyinningIn which street is the old school which closed in 1973Forrest StHoward StBox St1Quiz
PopanyinningName of the park at the north end of townMcGarrigalMemorialPopanyinning Lions1Quiz
PopanyinningName of the Refreshment CentrePopo General StoreIGAShell Roadhouse1Quiz
PopanyinningRiver beside the townHotham RiverPigandy CreekMurchison River1Quiz
CuballingLicencee of the Cuballing TavernAdnam YilmazStewart CampbellTamlin McGregor1Quiz
CuballingHow many iron wagon wheels on the Cuballing Hotel verandahTwoFourFive2Quiz
CuballingOther town's soldiers commemorated on the war memorialWanderingYornaningPopanyinning2Quiz
CuballingColour of telephone box on verandah of old Post OfficeSilverGreenRed3Quiz
CuballingWho laid the marble stone for the Cuballing Ag Hall 1912Daniel TownsendW D Johnstone MLAJohn Scadden2Quiz
CuballingWhat vehicle is parked in the Post Office gardenVolkwagen BeetleTractorBicycle3Quiz
CuballingDate of the Cuballing Hotel1946191819123Quiz
CuballingSign over the Shire building next to the Cuballing Agricultural HallDangerCWAMens Shed2Quiz
CuballingBuilding in Campbell St with blue and silver home and country signCWAShire OfficesIGA Supermarket1Quiz
NarroginName of Park opposite the Town HallCentral ParkMemorial ParkMackie Park3Quiz
NarroginName of Nature Trail beside Narrogin CemeteryNarrogin Centenary PathwayDryandraFoxes Lair3Quiz
NarroginName of Gift Shop opposite Post Office built in 1926The Rustic VaultNarrogin Nursery Cafe and GalleryGoodlife Narrogin1Quiz
NarroginPost office. No. of subscribers to the Phone Exchange in 19085117283Quiz
NarroginWho laid the foundation stone of the Narrogin Town Hall in Federal StJohn ChipperW E C MossGeorge Temple-Poole2Quiz
NarroginDate on flat stone next to Gnarogin Park skate ramp1913May 2018923Quiz
NarroginArts Organisation adjoining the Town HallNarrogin Writers CentreNarrogin Ballet SchoolArts Narrogin3Quiz
NarroginWar memorial replica torpedo was dedicated by whom in 1996Dr Geoff GallopMr Geoff BeazleyMark McGowan2Quiz
NarroginName of Manager of Duke of York HotelBevan GeorgeAndrew McDonaldMichael Lumsden2Quiz
NarroginPaint colour on artists brush on mural outside Visitors CentreRedGreenYellow2Quiz
NarroginName of Soldier Memorial Institute Music TeacherAndrea TordayNicolas ChisolmMrs Schneider3Quiz
NarroginNumber on old rusting train next to the railway stationXA 1415WH 99NG 774821Quiz
WaginDate of the building currently used by the IGA1920191919212Quiz
WaginThe current RSL building was originally used byElders Smith and CoRobinson BrothersThe Roads Board1Quiz
WaginNo of chimneys on the Old Hospital in Vesper StFourSixTwo3Quiz
WaginWho laid foundation stone of Wagin Town Hall in 1928Walter BarkerSydney StubbsJames Moran2Quiz
WaginDonor of the drinking fountain with 4 lions by the telephone boxHenry PederickAlexander GaltAlbert Piesse2Quiz
WaginDate above Mitchell Hall1895189918831Quiz
WaginName above the Wagin HotelMoran'sStrickland'sOmdurma1Quiz
WaginDate on Foundation Stone of Wagin Town Hall1928196318951Quiz
WaginWhat is the height of the Giant Ram9 metres23 metres32 feet1Quiz
WoodanillingThe ganger who was the first permanent resident. By main notice boardHenry SmythPaddy BaldwinHarry Stevens3Quiz
WoodanillingCurrent use of 1880 Richardsons General Merchants BuildingMens ShedSt Johns AmbulanceCWA1Quiz
WoodanillingDate of Richardson and Sons Grain Merchants1880188318901Quiz
WoodanillingFamily pictured on the Heritage Walk notice boardDinah FamilyBaxter FamilyQuarter Family1Quiz
WoodanillingHeight of the Giant Salmon Gum34 metres51 metres23 metres1Quiz
WoodanillingWhat did the local CWA famously send to BritainMutton FatGiant PavlovasInvitation to the King1Quiz
KatanningNick-name of Twonkwillingup Nature ReservePolice PoolsFreddy's FarmFisherman's Luck1Quiz
KatanningFoundation date of St Andrew's Church in Arbour St1902191118983Quiz
KatanningName of the 2-storey Piesse family home in Brownie StGlen IslaKobeelyaKartanup2Quiz
KatanningPurpose of the Warren Rd castle-like structureWater storagePrisonWinery3Quiz
KatanningNo of turrets on the Warren Rd castle-like structureTwoFiveTwelve3Quiz
KatanningWho does the clock commemorate near the Old Flour MillEarly sandalwood cuttersPioneer nurses and womenThose who died in WW12Quiz
KatanningWhose statue is prominent in Austral TerraceFrederick Henry PiesseCecil Ernest PiesseFrederick Thomas Piesse1Quiz
KatanningWhat business occupies the ground floor of the old millThe wheat museumDome CafePoppy's Florist2Quiz
BroomehillHow many sheep in the Waymark pre-primary mural9253Quiz
BroomehillYear the Jones Building was established1901191119072Quiz
BroomehillDate the Imperial Hotel opened1908189919171Quiz
BroomehillWho opened the Broomehill Village Rest StopGreg HollyAlanah MacTiernanMartin Longmuir1Quiz
BroomehillName of the Memorial Garden next to the Shire HallSheridensCentenery ParkReflections1Quiz
BroomehillInscription on the seat outside the recently re-painted Living MuseumShirley's SeatACROD ReservedLest we forget1Quiz
BroomehillWho opened the Broomehill Living MuseumSir Thomas WardleSir John ForrestDame Edna Everage1Quiz
TambellupHow many wooden pillars under the old water towerSixteenTwelveNine1Quiz
TambellupYear stone was laid by A Thomson on the old Shire Hall1925190718991Quiz
TambellupState Government fund that paid for Community Resource CentreLottery WestHeritage CommissionRoyalty for Regions3Quiz
TambellupDate flood level was waist high. Across road from Health Clinic1882198220012Quiz
TambellupWho opened the Health Centre in 1998Hon Muriel PattersonAlannah MactiernanColin Barnett MLA1Quiz
TambellupSign above the door of little building by the Tambellup HotelCWAWelcomeRSL3Quiz
TambellupManager of Tambellup HotelRita CiellaBruce WhiteCosimo Jacobson2Quiz
TambellupName on the monument opposite the Shire OfficeMinnie SaggersFrank BessenPatrick Gethin1Quiz
TambellupHow Many names on the war memorial for WW21112161Quiz
TambellupAdvert above window of Community Resource CentreSports Goods and GramophonesPears SoapMassey Ferguson Tractor1Quiz
TambellupWhat boatshed is featured on murals outside the Shire OfficeHotham RiverMurchisonGordon River3Quiz
CranbrookThe seat outside the Post Office is in memory of whomMr, Mrs J GillamAlfred ArmstrongFrancesco Tomaipitinca1Quiz
CranbrookWho opened the water fountain next to the Post OfficeSir David BrandArthur TonkinJim Gill2Quiz
CranbrookDate of Cranbrook Roads Board Hall1909191219083Quiz
CranbrookDate of the Cranbrook Roads Board Hall1908190919101Quiz
CranbrookThe street number of the Post Office1588371Quiz
CranbrookWhere is Cranbrook the gateway toThe Stirling RangesThe old Yilgarn GoldfieldsThe Great Southern1Quiz
CranbrookManager of the Cranbrook HotelGeorge WoodcockAdam ZebrinskiJulius Thompson1Quiz
TenterdenIn whose memory is the fountain by Tenterden HallPatsy GordonLorraine MeliaAnnabelle Scott2Quiz
TenterdenWhat disaster happened here in 2003FloodMouse PlagueFire3Quiz
TenterdenWhat happened here in 1893Gold was discoveredThe town was gazettedGt Southern Railway reached here2Quiz
TenterdenName of the Cafe Petrol StationNo Name - ClosedPink Lake StopQuick Nosh Cafe1Quiz
TenterdenOrigin of the town's nameEarly Pioneer CampsiteTown in EnglandTown in Scotland2Quiz
TenterdenName of the Anglican ChurchSt JamesSt BartholomewSt Mildreds3Quiz
TenterdenDate of the stone above Church plaque1180181119181Quiz
KendenupWhen was the 1942 Caterpiller DZ bulldozer opened10 Jan 20011 Apr 200113 Jan 20013Quiz
KendenupName of Austin St Nature Reserve by Kendenup PSWalton RoweDarrel RadcliffeMurray Hawker1Quiz
KendenupCreature on fence of Kendenup Country Club - Beverley RdKangarooSheepMouse3Quiz
KendenupWhat is TwoBlackSheepShearing ShedBurger Bar-CafeBed and Breakfast2Quiz
KendenupWhich of these facilities is NOT in KendenupPolice StationPost OfficeTennis Courts1Quiz
KendenupChess coaches names on chess plaque beside bulldozerB Fergie and C SmithH Fergie and B SandilandsT Ridges and E Saggers2Quiz
Mount BarkerWhere is the Visitor CentreRailway StationInformation Centre Mt Barker Pub1Quiz
Mount BarkerManager of the Plantagenet HotelDarryn ParrJames WilsonKevin Foulks1Quiz
Mount BarkerName of park opposite Mt Barker Service CentreWilson ParkCentenniel ParkLions Community Park1Quiz
Mount BarkerWho formally opened the Shire OfficesKevin ForbesSir Charles CourtJohn Andrewarthur1Quiz
Mount BarkerShop name offering 3d printingBits and BYTESComputer StorePC Shop1Quiz
Mount BarkerOn what building is the Bella Kelly mural paintedDistrict HallPost Office ShopAt Wilson Park2Quiz
AlbanyWho are the traditional owners of AlbanyMenang PeopleMartu PeopleYamaji People1Quiz
AlbanyThe York St Baptist Fellowship Church is known asThe Whalers ChurchScots ChurchSt Marks2Quiz
AlbanyObject on the roundabout opposite the Town HallPenny FarthingDolphinAnchor3Quiz
AlbanyWhat can you buy at Wombat LodgeAustralianaGourmet LunchesBaby Clothes1Quiz
AlbanyNoongar Statue of Mokari, Meaning of MokariThe Lore KeeperMan of PeaceOrca2Quiz
AlbanyDate of the Albany Hotel1867184018353Quiz