Min Age

All ages

Max Team Size

5 people


$50 / team


While travelling along Route 120 finding the headstones of pioneers, stop and spend time learning about the towns, experiencing what they offer and visit a coffee shop.

The ‘Explore’ button on the menu bar will take you to where you can page through the facilities, events, history and places to visit.

You may also view all the oz-burial records of each cemetery.

Click on the web page links to read more details. There are some ‘Useful Links’ to other web sites with photographs and suggested attractions. Click on the back button on your browser to return to the Pioneer Challenge site.

There are also links to Shire Heritage Audits, books available in some Tourist Centres, and useful Facebook pages.


1. Register a team
Max 5 per team. Register in advance. Play any time.

2. Plan your trip
Select a town on Route 120 to start and town to end.

3. Pay entry fee
Entry fee is $50 to Rotary Charities.

4. Find your pioneers
Receive 9 pioneers and a map. Search and discover.

5. Solve town quiz
Chase clues in each town. Fun for all the family.