The Pioneer Way - Route 120

Pingelly - History

About Pingelly
The first settler in the area was Mr Lewis John Bayley who was granted 4,000 acres for grazing in 1846 around the Moorumbine Spring. See the link to the Pingelly Shire history page.
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Facebook - Lost Pingelly
Well worth a visit for Pingelly's history or want to find out about your family's pioneers or share information about your pioneers who lived here. An excellent site
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Lorraine's Burial Records Mb
A complete list of the burials in the Mourambine Cemetery near Pingelly
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Lorraine's Burial Records Py
A complete list of the burials in the Pingelly Cemetery
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Municipal Heritage Inventory
A comprehensive record of heritage assets in the Shire. Places, people, agriculture, settlement, pioneers and more. Lengthy but fascinating.
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Noongar Knowledge
The SW Aboriginal Land and Sea Council's web site covers culture, country, people, history, a glossary of terms, education and leadership. Highly recommended.The aim of the Kaartdijin website is to share the richness of our knowledge, culture and history
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Pingelly Pioneer Biographies
These thumbnail histories of Mourambine and Pingelly Pioneers have been provided by the Pingelly Museum and Historical Group and Lost Pingelly. Please click on Website to make use of them in the Pioneer Challenge.
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Stones that Fell from the Sky
Boyup Brook, Pumphrey’s Bridge, and Borden. The reports include descriptions of stones ranging in size from a pebble to approximately 35 pounds. The stones along with other objects were reported as 'falling out of nowhere'.
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The Pioneers of Mourambine,
The pioneers of Mourambine, including a brief history of the townsite, 1842-1924 researched and written by Lesley A. Lane and Florence C. Wilkes is available from the State Library of WA
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The Wofalin Goldfields Track
The Wofalin Track started at Pingelly to service the Parker Range gold fields in the Yilgarn in the 1890s. Beadell, Holyoak, Sewell, Smith, Taylor, Shaddick are mentioned here.
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