The Pioneer Way - Route 120

Cuballing - Activities

Dryandra Nocturnal Experience
Barna Mia is an animal sanctuary with a difference. Nestled in the heart of Dryandra Woodland, Barna Mia is a place to discover threatened native marsupials in a natural setting, and experience the wonders of the woodland. Tours Mar-Nov(MWFS) Dec-Feb (FS)
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The Tree
The Tree,a substantial white gum is 4Km east a the road junction of Cuballing, Wickepin and Yealering roads where once mail and parcels were left and picked up and taken on by farmers and travelers

Things to do in Cuballing
The Shire of Cuballing provides a series of videos on activities you can do in Cuballing. Click on the We link. Also visit the machinery museum pictured
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