The Pioneer Way - Route 120

Narrogin - History

Lorraine's Burial Records
A complete list of the burials in the Narrogin Cemetery
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Narrogin Pioneer Biographies
These thumbnail histories with photographs of Narrogin Pioneers have been provided by the Narrogin Old Courthouse Museum. Please click on Website to make use of them in the Pioneer Challenge.
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Noongar Knowledge
The SW Aboriginal Land and Sea Council's web site covers culture, country, people, history, a glossary of terms, education and leadership. Highly recommended.The aim of the Kaartdijin website is to share the richness of our knowledge, culture and history
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Old Railway Station
Narrogin once employed 250 railwaymen. Its old station is fenced off but can be viewed from the bridge that crosses the line. Hopefully money will be found to restore it and to add a transport museum.

Settled in 1860
Early pastoralists found times were hard and supplemented income by cutting Sandalwood and Mallee trees. Narrogin developed when the railway selected nearby pool for water supplies for steam trains. Growing from being a major railway junction its now an
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Wikipedia - Narrogin
Narrogin is an Aboriginal name, having been first recorded as "Narroging" for a pool in this area in 1869. The meaning of the name is uncertain, various sources recording it as "bat camp", "plenty of everything" or derived fro
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