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Pioneer Heritage

Cuballing - History

Developed in 1981

With an Aboriginal name relating to a pool near the town,it is one of the original stations on the Great Southern Railway. A thriving town in 1906 having shops, blacksmiths, churches, butchers banks,hall, post office and a hotel all apparently made of loca.

Former Anglican Church

The former St Peters Anglican Church was erected on Campbell Street in 1911. It is no longer used as a church.

Lorraine's Burial Records

A complete list of the burials in the Cuballing Cemetery.

Original Post Office

The former office and staff quarters were built in 1912. it is now a private residence.

Western Australian Bank

The former Western Australian Bank which later became the R&I Bank was built in 1900 in Aton Street. It is now a private residence.

Cuballing - Accommodation

LionsDryandra Woodland Village

22h Kms south of Cuballing the village includes the Gnaala Mia campgrounds and cottage accommodation.

The Cuballing Tavern

A 7 roomed galvanised iron single storey structure was built in 1891 and renovated in 1912 when a second story was added.In 1989 extensive changes were made.The original brick built kitchen and laundry are still used today.

Cuballing - Food

York's Eating Out Guide

Quaint single, double and family rooms at very affordable rates and good wholesome food with great prices open seven days a week. Quaint single, double and family rooms at very affordable rates and good wholesome food with great prices open seven days.

Cuballing - Places

Gull Cuballing Cuby Roadhouse

121 Ridley Street Cuballing open 6am- 6pm Monday to Saturday. The Cuballing post office is also run from the roadhouse.

Cuballing - Museums/Art

Cuballing - Activities

Dryandra Nocturnal Experience

Barna Mia is an animal sanctuary with a difference. Nestled in the heart of Dryandra Woodland, Barna Mia is a place to discover threatened native marsupials in a natural setting, and experience the wonders of the woodland. Tours Mar-Nov(MWFS) Dec-Feb (FS).

The Tree

The Tree,a substantial white gum is 4Km east a the road junction of Cuballing, Wickepin and Yealering roads where once mail and parcels were left and picked up and taken on by farmers and travelers.

Things to do in Cuballing

The Shire of Cuballing provides a series of videos on activities you can do in Cuballing. Click on the We link. Also visit the machinery museum pictured.

Cuballing Features