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Tambellup - History

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Wikipedia - Tambellup

Tambellup's main street is Norrish Street, named after its first European settler, Josiah Norrish (1841-1884), who in 1872 was attracted to the area by its large stands of Santalum spicatum (Sandalwood).

Lorraine's Burial Records

A complete list of the burials in the Tambellup Cemetery.

Geni Genealogical Database

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Battye Library Women Pioneers

A pdf list of WA Pioneer Women. A useful resource.

Tambellup - Accommodation

Tambellup Bed and Breakfast

The house at 27 Garrity Street Tambellup was built in 1959 and was grand at that time as it was one of only three brick and tile houses in the town. We have attempted to furnish the house according to its 50-60s look.

Tambellup Hotel

The Tambellup Hotel was built in the Edwardian period with a touch of Art Nouveau in the early 1900's. Takeaways and specials menu, Monday to Sunday.

Tambellup - Food

Great Southern Treasures

Phone numbers for Tambellup Deli, Tambellup Hotel, Tambellup Post Café.

Tambellup - Places

Great Southern Treasures

Excellent coverage of Tambellup - Heritage Trail, Corner Shop Museum, Diprose Park, Community Resource Centre, Railway water tank, St Peter's Church, Gordon River Picnic Area.

Tambellup - Museums/Art

Corner Shop Museum

It situated in the old Stationmaster's House, adjacent to the railway line on Norrish Street. Rooms have been re-created, using furniture and artifacts of by-gone years.

Tambellup Features